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              DC Filtering Capacitor

              Product Description:

              The capacitor(DZMJ) is applied in power source with AC380V, 575V and 660V(internally connected in series) for big power induction heating by  resonance in series. The main functions are as follows:

              1. DC-link support;

              2. Filtering of both low and high frequency ripple wave;

              3.  Bypass of series resonance current.

              Product Standard: GB/T17702.1-1999,IEC61071-1(1991)

              Technical Parameter:

              Rated Voltage: max. 2.5KV

              Rated Capacitance: max.10000μF

              Operating Conditions:

              The capacitor should be installed and operated in the environment which is free of violent mechanical vibration, harmful gases or steams, conductive or explosive dusts.

              The ambient temperature should be in the range of -25 to+50℃. The cooling water in water cooled mode should be purified with outlet temperature below 40℃.

              The Significance of Designations:


              Outside View(Typical Drawing, Customizable):

              Taps: 10


              Double Cooling



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